Encounter Seminar

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Encounter Seminar Weekend

The Encounter Seminar Weekend is held on a Friday evening and Saturday. This seminar is designed to help you overcome past and present issues, struggles, and bondages that hinder you from moving forward in your walk with Christ.

Lessons Include:


Lesson 1      Moving from Egypt to Canaan

Lesson 2      Let's Get to the Root of It!

Lesson 3      An Encounter with the Cross


Lesson 4      Forgiving and Being Forgiven

Lesson 5      Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties

Lesson 6      Sins of the Fathers

Lesson 7      Renewing the Mind

Lesson 8      Healing Soul Hurts

Lesson 9      Making Godly Choices

Lesson 10     Spiritual House Cleaning

Lesson 11     Deliverance from Demonic Oppression

Lesson 12     The Baptism with the Holy Spirit"

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