The Model Prayer

The Model  Prayer is the prayer Jesus taught His disciples to pray. It was common for disciples to be taught prayer from a master, teacher, or rabbi. John the Baptist actively taught his disciples how to pray: "as John also taught his disciples" (Lu 11:1). According to Burgess and Proudlove in their book, Watching unto Prayer, the Jewish rabbis were in the habit of teaching outline prayers that were known as "index prayers." These index prayers contained several short sentences that suggested an item for prayer. They would recite a sentence and then enlarge upon it in their own prayer, drawing out some of its implications and conclusions as well as applications. No doubt the disciples were familiar with this type of prayer training. So when Jesus gave them inSo,ruction on how to pray, he simply gave them an index prayer. The difference between John's teaching on prayer and that of Jesus was in the emphasis placed in the index prayer. Jesus, therefore, was not teaching a "verbatim prayer", but rather an "index prayer" or a "model prayer". In it He placed emphasis upon key areas to be included in normal prayer. Click the link below to access "The Model Prayer Guide" by Pastor E. Keith Hassell.